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Have you ever dreamed of starting your very own Jumping Castle business but do not know where to start? Jim’s can assist with making your dreams become a reality.

Call us today on 131546 and talk to your local Jim’s franchisor about this great opportunity in the jumping castle and party hire industry.

Most people aspire to start their own business but rarely take the first step. The security of a full-time job against the unknown of a new business often holds them back.

Owning and operating your own Jim’s Jumping Castle and Party Hire business could be your first step. Unlike other business models which require you to work 6 days a week, a bouncy castle hire business can be operated on the weekends.

It is a great business model and is a fun way to generate extra income for your family.

Can I start my own business while keeping my current job?

Yes! With Jim’s Jumping Castles and Party Hire it is possible to keep your current job. Most bookings are conveniently placed on weekends and public holidays.

You only need the ability to take phone enquiries during the day. There is flexibility with this as well as you can set yourself up in the system for only the hours that you wish to take leads.

All the hard work is done for you

Thinking about starting your own bouncy castle business may seem daunting. You will have to set up websites, source castles, set up trailers, organise ongoing marketing, and the list goes on.

With Jim’s Jumping Castle and Party Hire all the hard work has already been done for you. After signing up, you can be running your own business within a mere 21 days.

The trailer, setup, marketing, and websites are alreadyorganised and ready to go. We have enquiries for jumping castles flowing into the Jim’s system already. All you need to do is turn it on to receive your first lead.

How much money can I earn?

Like any business, the effort you put in directly affects your income. If you choose to chase enquires, it is quite easy to get castles hired out.

Your franchise comes with 3 basic jumping castles. An average hire is usually around 4 hours long and the cost to the client is between $200-$500, depending on what castle is hired.

Now take into consideration the possibility of 3 castles being hired out twice a day. If you only did hires on weekends, it means that you could possibly do 12 hires over the two days.

A motivated person can earn even more money as it is possible to get more jumping castles involved in your franchise. The purpose-built trailer can hold up to 6 standard backyard jumping castles. With some quick calculations, you can see you could be earning much, much more.

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What else can I hire out?

As the Jim’s Division names suggest, we not only do jumping castles, but provide a party hire service too. Your clients can hire items from an almost endless list of products.

For instance, some of our best add on party hires are:

  • Fairy Floss machines
  • Slushy machines
  • Popcorn machines
  • Coffee machines
  • Tables
  • Chairs

In fact, anything you can think of we can provide to your clients under the Jim’s Jumping Castle and Party Hire banner.

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To find out more about starting your own business today, please call Jim’s on 131546 and we will put you in touch with your local franchisor.