Frozen Jumping Castle Hire

Surprise your child with Frozen jumping castle hire services from Jim’s. Our local business owners have a wide range of themed jumping castles for you to choose from.

Find out if your favourite character castle theme is available for hire, please call Jim’s today on 131546 and our friendly staff will help you get in touch with your local operator.

Jumping Castle Hire Prices

Lots of movies are appealing to kids and there is always another movie that children to want to go see! The Frozen movies have successfully engaged the minds and imaginations of a lots of children and there seems to be no end to the dancing and singing of its songs!

Just imagine how excited your child would be if you get a Frozen themed jumping castle from Jim’s for their next party or event.

Jim’s Frozen jumping castles hire gets the party started 

Your kids will be bursting with excitement when you hire a bouncy castle from Jim’s.

From our bright and colourful purpose-built trailers arriving on site, to laying out the jumping castle in your backyard, the anticipation and buzz builds as your child realises something magical is about to happen.

Once our blowers are out and the castle inflates, eyes will bulge and jaws will drop when the kids realise you have hired a Frozen jumping castle for their party or event.

Get your cameras ready to capture all the special memories and reactions.

Jumping Castle Hire Frozen Theme

Add a slushy machine to your hire

Take your Frozen themed party to the next level and hire one of our slushy machines.

Whether you want your favourite flavour or want a blue slushy to go with your Frozen theme, Jim’s has got you covered. We have a wide range of flavours to choose from so that you can provide a cool, refreshing slushy drink to all your party guests.

With all of our slushy machine hires, we can provide you with biodegradable cups. Jim’s cups can be written on with a pen or marker allowing everyone to keep track of their own drinks. Just let your local operator know how many guests you have coming so we can provide the right amount of cups (for a small additional price).

Slushy Machine Hire
Popcorn Machine Cup

Other party hire options

Combine your Frozen jumping castle and slushy machine hires with other party hire items to bring even more excitement to all children, big and small.

You can hire popcorn machines, fairy floss machines, professional coffee makers, large Bluetooth speakers, and more. The list is endless!

The more items you hire, the more likely you are to save money by organising package deals with your local Jim’s operator. Just ask what else you can add to your party hire when you get in touch.

Call Jim’s today to book in your Frozen jumping castle for your next event on 131546, or use the contact form here to get in touch